Picture this
it’s winter, midnight
you wake up shivering so much you think your bones
will rattle right out of your skin
nights like these you can’t tell the hunger apart from the cold

2am you lie awake
wrapped in more blankets than you thought you owned
you try covering your face
thinking maybe you can suffocate the monsters swimming in your brain

it’s winter and you are shattered like glass
it’s winter and you’re disgusted by the prominence of your cheekbones
and the pale ash of your skin
still too lose around the edges

Picture this,
it’s spring and you’re tired of shaking
it’s spring and you want to run outside in
one layer too few
as though your bare skin will invite the summer sun
to absorb you faster
it’s spring and you still can’t remember how it feels to be warm
but you’re trying
oh god you’re trying

Picture this
it’s fall and the leaves are almost as bright as your newly dyed hair
the stylist finally agreed that it had grown back strong enough to be
tinted with the reddish brown you love so much

it’s fall and the pumpkin pie your grandmother makes doesn’t leave you
heaving on the bathroom floor
it’s fall and you’re not afraid to taste the air because
it doesn’t feel like it will blow through you any more

Picture this
it’s winter, midnight
you sleep with one foot on top of your blankets
because you finally remember what it’s like to be warm

2am and you’re sound asleep
unafraid of the morning to come, the meals to eat,
the people to speak to

it’s winter and you finally learned how to heal
it’s winter and you realize that there is nothing more beautiful
than the warmth of your soft, rosy cheeks
and your light, porcelain skin

it’s winter and you’re safe
it’s winter and you’re strong
it’s winter and you don’t feel
so broken anymore

- With The Seasons Come New Reasons || H.V. (via my-hidden-voices)

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"We can’t selectively numb emotion. Numb the dark and you numb the light."
- Brené Brown, Daring Greatly (via godmoves)

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"There’s a special place in my heart for the ones who were with me at my lowest and still loved me when I wasn’t very loveable."
- Unknown (via perfect)

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